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Photo courtesy of NYSDEC

The Fourth Lake Boat Launch is shown after reapirs and improvements, prior to striping completion.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has opened the Fourth Lake Boat Launch in the town of Inlet for the season. The boat launch closed last fall to undergo rehabilitation repairs and improvements to the site. Improvements include new pavement, line striping, directional arrows, new kiosk, and new access dock. In addition, fencing was installed along the property border.

Improvements to public safety included addressing the steep grades at the entry and exit to allow vehicles to safely access Route 28 and the boat launch, providing additional space with better delineated parking spots for maneuvering trailers, and the addition of dedicated ADA parking with accessible access to the floating dock.

All boaters operating any kind of motorized watercraft in the Adirondack Park and within 10 miles of the Blue Line (PDF) are required by law to possess certification that their vessel has undergone proper ‘Clean. Drain. Dry.’ measures to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. Boaters can obtain a certification from a boat steward at a designated inspection station (PDF) or fill out a self-issued certificate (PDF). Fourth Lake Boat Launch site is a designated inspection station. There is a roadside decontamination site nearby at the Rocky Mountain Trailhead.

All water recreationists should follow these steps to make sure their equipment isn’t harboring aquatic invasive species:

• Clean mud, plants, and animals off boating and fishing equipment (trailer bunks, axles, rollers, lights, transducers, license plates, motor props, tackle, waders, etc.) and discard the material in a trash can or at a disposal station;

• Drain all water-holding compartments, including ballast tanks, live wells, and bilge areas, before leaving an access site; and

• Dry everything thoroughly before using boats or equipment in another waterbody. Drying times can vary but a minimum of five to seven days in dry, warm conditions is recommended.

• When there’s no time to dry between uses, disinfect things with hot water that is at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit, or visit a decontamination site.

All New York residents and visitors have a role to play in protecting state waters from invasive species. Visit DEC’s website for more tips on how to clean, drain, and dry watercraft, fishing gear, and other equipment and for more information about New York’s Watercraft Inspection Steward Program.